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Skin care and well-being: essential oils and jojoba

Pure essential oils and Italian organic jojoba oil: care and well-being of the skin

The essential oils 100% pure and natural and the jojoba oil are among the most popular natural beauty products thanks to their countless beneficial properties for the skin.

In this article we will explore how to convey the properties of essential oils thanks to the combination with the vegetable oil of Jojoba organic for the care and well-being of the skin.

Benefits and properties of 100% pure and natural essential oils

The oils pure and natural essentials are highly concentrated extracts of plants, flowers, woods and resins which boast numerous beneficial properties.

They are used in aromatherapy, cosmetics and for general well-being thanks to their numerous properties:

  1. Antioxidants: they fight free radicals and slow down the ageing of the skin.
  2. Anti-inflammatories: reduce swelling, redness and skin irritation.
  3. Antibacterials: prevent and treat infections of the skin.
  4. Regenerating: they promote healing and cellular renewal.

Italian organic jojoba oil: properties

Jojoba oil is a vegetable oil obtained from the seeds of the plant. It is particularly appreciated in cosmetics for its composition similar to human sebum which makes it suitable for all skin types.

Among the many properties of organic Jojoba oil we mention:

  1. nourishing and moisturizing action: keeps the skin soft and supple
  2. balancing: regulates the production of sebum, useful for skin and oily or combination skin
  3. soothing: relieves irritation and redness, ideal for sensitive skin
  4. non-comedogenic: does not clog the pores and does not cause the formation of pimples or blackheads, prevents the formation of impurities.

Choose a Jojoba oil from agriculture organic and made in Italy guarantees:

  • quality superior
  • reduces emissions while respecting the environment because it does not include international transport
  • supports the economy of our territory.

Natural skin treatments with essential oils and Jojoba oil

Jojoba oil is an excellent vehicle for essential oils, it is indicated for diluting them and facilitates skin absorption. Here are some examples of essential oils and their applications:

  1. Rosemary essential oil: stimulates circulation and tones the skin, ideal for heavy legs and tired or to counteract cellulite, it promotes growth of hair and skin balance.
  2. essential oil Thyme: purifies and fights bacteria, suitable for impure or acne-prone skin.
  3. sweet fennel essential oil: draining and detoxifying, promotes skin renewal and face brightness.
  4. Wild carrot essential oil: regenerating and antioxidant, promotes skin elasticity and luminosity, contrasting wrinkles and signs of age.
  5. Helichrysum essential oil: soothing and healing, it helps reduce redness, irritation and small skin lesions.

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  • To get the maximum benefit from the combined use of essential oils and jojoba oil, it is important to follow some recommendations:

    1. dilution: Essential oils are very concentrated and in some cases may cause irritation if applied directly to the skin. Diluting them in jojoba oil in a ratio between 2% and 5% (about 1-2 drops of essential oil for every teaspoon of jojoba oil) is usually safe and effective;
    2. storage: keep the blend of essential oils and jojoba oil in a cool place away from direct sunlight to preserve its properties.

    Quality: organic and Italian product

    The essential oils 100% pure and natural and the jojoba oil Italian organic represent a powerful combination for the well-being of the skin. Remember to follow the recommendations for using and storing the oils and experiment with the different combinations to discover the benefits that best suit your skin needs.

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  • Heavy and swollen legs: DIY anti-fatigue oil

    Try this DIY recipe to create your own anti-fatigue oil every day for the care and well-being of your legs , a natural remedy fresh and effective to combat the feeling of tiredness and swelling. Here is the recipe:
    Pour the oils into a small bowl and harmonize the mixture to promote synergy, then distribute on the legs with delicate movements from the ankle upwards.

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