Femminilità e ciclicità: maternità, menopausa, oli essenziali e rimedi naturali

Femininity and cyclicality: motherhood, menopause, essential oils and natural remedies

Femininity and cyclicity in the various phases of life: motherhood, menopause, essential oils and Australian flowers

For the Guests in the Labyrinth review on 10 - 17 - 24 May 2023 we will host a Theoretical and practical workshop divided into 3 appointments in which Irene (Naturopath) and Alessia (Midwife) will guide you on a journey into universe female.

Each appointment is dedicated to deepening the life phases of a woman explored in harmony with nature: you can participate at all meetings or choose the topic that most resonates with your needs.

10 May 2023 - The feminine in its cyclicality

femminilita incontro oli essenziali

An in-depth look on the phases of the menstrual cycle and its characteristics both physically and emotionally:

  • the 4 phases of the cycle: knowing your cycle to keep you healthy and support dynamic balance
  • the influence of lunar cycles
  • analysis and strengthening of the positive aspects
  • premenstrual syndrome and pain: how to prevent and avoid pain, understand and deal with the negative aspects
  • activating endogenous resources in times of difficulty
  • essential oils and Australian flowers: hands-on workshop and natural remedies to relieve PMS, pain and mood swings.
The meeting will end with a Meditation for rooting in Mother Earth

17 May 2023 - Maternity: conception, pregnancy, breastfeeding

gravidanza incontro oli essenziali

Dialogue on the changes that pregnancy entails; cultivate confidence in your innate abilities, overcome the uncertainty associated with labor and delivery, discover the power of breastfeeding.
  • Pregnancy:
    • the way in which a mother takes care of herself during pregnancy profoundly affects the growth and health of the child
    • manage a difficult pregnancy with natural remedies
    • feed the bond
  • Labour and childbirth 
    • inner listening
    • bring the attention inside yourself and to the life that is born
    • feed esteem and self-confidence to overcome uncertainties
    • natural remedies to deal with ailments and difficulties
    • Postpartum:
      • support and self-confidence
      • natural strategies to face difficult moments
    • Breastfeeding:
      • not only power, but also bond
      • the extraordinary power of breastfeeding
      • breast as a physical metaphor of the act of giving and receiving
      • remedies to overcome tiredness and fatigue
    The meeting includes a practical part to learn some natural remedies with Australian essential oils and flowers.

    At the end of the Meditation for rooting in Mother Earth to feel your body.

    24 May 2023 - Menopause: a new beginning

    menopausa incontro oli essenziali

    Menopause represents spring in the second half of life and - like adolescence and pregnancy - represents a phase of growth and great changes, both physical and emotional.

    In menopause, the feminine energy is gathered inside; it is the period of nourishment and development of what lives in us.

    Here are some topics we will cover: 

    • prepare to welcome this important step
    • the opportunity for a rebirth
    • how to best experience the new beginning, inner motivation
    • how to maintain homeostatic balance
    • natural remedies to support the emotional sphere.
    The meeting includes a practical part to experiment and learn some natural remedies with essential oils and Australian flowers.

    At the end of the Meditation for rooting in Mother Earth to feel your body.

    Natural remedies: essential oils and Australian flowers

    Each of the 3 appointments includes a practical part to experiment with some natural treatments using essential oils and Australian flowers.
    The essential oils intervene both on the physical sphere and emotional; discover the most suitable essences to treat the feminine.
    Australian flowers are natural curesto help rebalance emotions, dissolve negative moods  e psychosomatic disorders.

    Where, how and when

    Guests in the Labyrinth: Femininity and cyclicality
    10 May / 17 May / 24 May 2023, time: 7pm. 30 - 21. 30
    The Labyrinth - via Castello, 12, 42124 Reggio Emilia
    How to reach us
    Reservation required 
    For information and reservations write to: bonilaurialessia@gmail. com
    or contact via sms/whatsapp:
    Alessia (Midwife): 3200537944
    Irene (Naturopath): 3383558361