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Essential oils and flu: help from nature

Essential oils are a great resource for our health and well-being.

Without going far, some of the most common essences in our beloved peninsula are very useful in the treatment of nasal congestion, colds and flu symptoms.

Among these, today we want to tell you about the essential oils of Hyssop, Sweet fennel, Rosemary, Thyme and Basil.

Let's see them in detail: 

  • Sweet fennel: excellent decongestant helps to clear the respiratory tract (nose and bronchi) and reduce the headache due to them.
  • Hyssop: expectorant, indicated for purifying the air in rooms.
  • Rosemary: in addition to preventing infections, it is an excellent expectorant to clear the respiratory tract in case of catarrh, colds and sinusitis. Diffused in the environment with suitable ventilation, it can purify the air, preventing infections.
  • Basil: anti-inflammatory and expectorant, it helps to relieve nasal and bronchial congestion, soothes coughs and colds.
  • Thyme: antimicrobial, fights bacteria that cause colds and respiratory tract infections; it is indicated in case of flu, nasopharyngitis, bronchitis and cough. It can also be used as an ambient fragrance to prevent the development of infections; in this case we recommend using a drop in combination with other essential oils (for example Lavender).

How to use them?

There are different ways to use essential oils to treat flu symptoms, below we suggest the most practical.

- To obtain a light and pleasant decongestant effect or to purify the rooms of the home or office, it is possible to diffuse the essential oils in the air by means of a diffuser (3-6 drops are sufficient for a 100ml tray of water).

- For a more intense action it is instead possible to add 2-3 drops of one or more essential oils mixed in a pot of hot water for steam inhalations (suffumigi). Also in this case we suggest limiting the doses of Thyme as its activity is intense and effective even in minimal concentrations. Thyme is a very powerful essence therefore it is advisable to limit the doses to 1 drop mixed with other essential oils (for example Lavender).

In summary…

For colds and phlegm: essential oils of Sweet fennel, Basil and Rosemary thanks to their energetic decongestant activity they help to clear the airways.

Cough and sore throat: il Thyme acts on cable infections oral and facilitates the fluidity of bronchial secretions.  

Drowsiness and headache: the essential oil of Basil diffused in the air is ideal for clearing the mind and combating lethargy.  Rosemary is indicated in case of debilitation, fatigue and convalescence.

Influenza and bacterial infections: the essential oil of Thyme is the perfect ally thanks to its powerful properties antimicrobial. In purity or added in mixture with other essential oils it carries out a targeted antibacterial action in case of oral and bronchial infections. Thyme and Rosemary spread in the environment in minimal doses can purify the air and free up the house, office and local in general from unwelcome bacteria preventing their development.

Try the 100% pure and natural essential oils produced from plants grown and distilled in our company and discover their benefits for your health!

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    Important! As always, we remind you that it is advisable to consult a doctor / naturopath or specialist before using essential oils. Avoid use in case of pregnancy, chronic diseases, pre-existing conditions, taking medications.