Relax, sonno e oli essenziali

Relaxation, sleep and essential oils

Essential oils and sleep

sleep is a precious and fundamental moment for our well-being.

In this frenetic world stress, anxiety and incorrect habits can hinder sleep cycles.

Some essential oils can prove to be natural remediesthat are useful for regaining tranquility for reconcile a real sleep restorative.

Benefits for body and mind

rest is a unique and personal concept, this does not mean that there are no good habits that should be respected in order to benefit from its benefits.

When our body is in the sleep phase, some fundamental vital functions are activated for the maintenance of psychophysical well-being.  

It is also a fundamental moment for our brain which, not having to pay attention to everyday situations and the reality that surrounds us, can finally concentrate on activities that require tranquility and silence.  

During sleep, the body performs two fundamental actions:  

- eliminates toxins produced during the day

- performs a regenerating and repairing action.

Improve sleep

To get the maximum benefits from the hours of sleep you can follow a few simple tips:

- eat healthy foods spacing meals from the hours dedicated to sleep

- promote muscle relaxation with a hot bath before going to sleep

reduce intense physical activity close to the hours to be dedicated to rest

- avoid using computer and mobile phone whose screen brightness inhibits melatonin production.

Essential oils for relaxation

Stress and insomnia go hand in hand, therefore in order to be able to rest properly it is essential to accompany our body towards complete relaxation that can reconcile the good rest.

Some essential oils can help you recover the tranquilityà after a hectic day and consequently improve night rest.

Here are some of the essences you can try:

Real and pure Melissa: heartens and comforts, dissolves anxiety and fights insomnia

Blue chamomile: calming and relaxing, reconciles rest and improves mood 

Lavender Vera: soothing and relaxing, promotes rest

Sweet orange: creates a serene and pleasant


Verbena: dissolves nervous tension and stress

Clary sage: sedative, and calming, helps to dissolve anxiety and tension

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  • Natural remedies for stress and insomnia

    There are several ways to benefit from the propertiesà relaxing of essential oils. Let's see some:

    • in the diffuser add 3-6 drops in 100ml of water depending on the type of essence to relax the mind and enjoy a relaxing moment
    • in the hot bath mix up to 8 drops in cream, milk, vegetable oils or sea salt depending on the type of essence to relax the muscles
    • a light relaxing massage after the shower with the Lavender aromatherapy body oil for relax the mind and regenerate the skin.

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  • Questions?

    If you don't know where to start or which essence to choose, don't hesitate to contact us!


    The information contained in this article is for informational purposes only; as always, we recommend consulting a naturopathic doctor or specialist to resolve chronic situations.