Trattamenti Essenziali - Aprire il Cuore

Essential Treatments - Open the Heart

Chinese medicine and essential oils 

Our "Guests in the Labyrinth" itinerary continues with the appointment Essential Treatments, a meeting in which, together with Laura (Tuina - traditional Chinese massage) we will discover the fundamentals of Chinese medicine and some simple practices combined with essential oils to relax the mind.
The Chinese energy vision moves from unusual perspectives that can enrich our understanding and put us in dialogue with the body.

The Heart: organ and emotions

On this particular occasion we will deepen the reading of the Heart in terms of energy and emotions starting from the Chinese ideogram (xīn).

Anxiety, worries, insomnia and fatigue chronic hinder the harmonic flow of 'energy also compromising the proper functioning of the heart and therefore our quality of life.
Through Chinese medicine and the use of essential oils you can experience a different path, unusual for some, to rediscover harmony and well-being.

During the course we will discover some points of our body that we can also treat alone to help us in times of stress and we will explore some essential oils, their characteristics and the vibrations inherited from plants.

The program of the meeting 

INTRODUCTION Philosophical perspective – cosmogony and cosmology
  • Yin and Yang 
  • Taijitu 
  • 5 movements 
  • Which organs and which viscera 
  • The association between organs and emotions 
  • Notes on the functions 
  • Introduction of the concept of Shen 
  • Shen and emotions 
  • Relations with other bodies 
  • The heart and our life  
  • Basics of Chinese Medicine and Tuina 
  • Introduction of the concept of prevention and well-being 
  • Essential oils: Sweet orange, Clary sage, Lemon balm and Bergamot 

Where, how and when

Guests in the Labyrinth - Essential Treatments to Open the Heart
Saturday 25 February 2023 - Hours: 16.00 - 18.00

How to reach us

Reservation required 

For information and reservations, contact Laura (Tuina - traditional Chinese massage) Mob. 347 9770718