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Extracts by steam distillation from plants and flowers grown and harvested in our fields. Find the ones that suit you best with the help of our test.

Essential oils


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Our slow and constant process honors the generosity of medicinal plants from the beginning to the end of the production cycle, allowing us to obtain a rich and complete essential oil, 100% pure and natural. Each bottle is hand-packed according to a rigorous artisan process.

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How to use our essential oils?

  • Room diffuser

    3-6 drops in 100ml of water depending on the type of essence

  • Bathroom

    mix up to 8 drops in cream, milk, vegetable oils or sea salt depending on the type of essence

  • Vapors for inhalation (fumigations)

    2-3 drops in a pot of boiling water depending on the type of essence

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  • Massage

    pour a few drops into a tablespoon of vegetable massage oil

  • Cosmetics

    add a few drops of cream and neutral detergents or vegetable oils for skin applications

  • Food

    1 drop is enough to flavor 100 g of food or 100 ml of drink

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Discover all our tips and warnings on how to use our products

- Use diluted.
- Keep out of reach of children.
- Avoid contact with eyes and mucous membranes.
- Use small quantities and gradually increase if necessary.
- Follow the instructions of expert personnel (doctor or phytotherapist) in case of internal use.
- In case of inappropriate ingestion consult a doctor.
- Do not use in case of chronic diseases. If in doubt, consult a doctor.
- If using phototoxic essential oils, do not expose the affected areas to light for at least 12 hours.