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The farm

Immersed in the Emilian countryside, we cultivate and distill many varieties of medicinal plants.
Pursuing this goal, we decided to convert the family farm in a different and reality that stands out on the territory like a protected oasis of varieties, colours, busy bees and imagination.

  • Seeding and transplanting

    We sow and transplant our seedlings rigorously by hand to guarantee them comfortable and natural germination and rooting. It is an important and demanding moment in our seasonal routine where everyone plays a fundamental role .

  • Plant development

    We accompany plants during their growth path in full respect of the times of nature and of the environment. We have long and pleasant chats with them from sunrise to sunset to consolidate an extraordinary bond and removing the weeds by hand, we don't miss the opportunity to meet industrious animals and bees.

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  • Collection

    The harvesting of the greenery takes place at the moment and in the balsamic hour of each plant so as not to waste even a drop of the precious essences it contains. We collect the greenery by hand selecting only the parts of the plants that are suitable and ready for the extraction of essential oils. These are intense days in which collaboration and precision are essential ingredients to obtain a perfect harvest.

  • Distillation

    We have a large distillation room intended solely for the extraction of essential oils.

    Our distillers for steam with separate boiler are built by hand observing the golden section and perfected over the centuries starting from an ancient alembic project. Our slow and constant process honors the generosity of the plants from the beginning to the end of the production cycle, allowing us to obtain a essential oil of the highest quality.

  • Certified laboratory

    At the Labyrinth we have a certified food laboratory with certificate of recognition n. ITAAE08089 to package the essential oils and the aromatic waters.

    Regardless of the intended use reserved for our products, the food certification of a essential oil natural is a guarantee of safety and quality and for our productions it also certifies a chain that begins and ends in our company, a true KM0 product.

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Each product is unique.

The characteristics emerging from the products depend on the meteorological cycle that affected the plants in the year of production. We respect the authenticity of natural extracts without any manipulation.

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More than BIO...natural!

We have always adopted a method of cultivation completely natural that goes beyond the simple concept of organic. Although in order to disseminate this choice we are completing the achievement of the Organic Certification, in full and complete respect of Nature we do not intervene with any product on the growth and development of the plants to let them express themselves with maximum spontaneity.

Time passes slowly until, the moment has come and the balsamic hour has struck , we extract the precious essential oil from our generous medicinal plants.

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Botanical perfumery

Ancient is the art of creating perfumes using blends of essential oils and plant extracts without adding any synthetic product. The botanical perfumery marries these principles by creating perfumes completely natural which reveal only the authentic fragrance of the plants respecting them spontaneous vitality.

The vibrations generated through these fragrances can convey a psychophysical well-being which, however, is not intended for everyone. In fact, botanical perfumery is welcomed by those who seek and love naturalness in its various facets, decline the insistence of chemical perfumes heading towards authentic shores.

  • Essential oils

    Extracts from plants harvested and selected by hand after a slow process of distillation; our essential oils are pure and natural 100%. Each bottle contains the rich and complete range of organoleptic properties and active ingredients that characterize each essence.

  • Aromatic waters

    Pure and fresh water collected and filtered rigorously by hand during the distillation process. Naturally rich in active ingredients water soluble and with a small percentage of essential oils they are indispensable for skin care.

  • Natural cosmetics

    The elegant partnership between essential oils, oleolites and natural extracts reveals its beneficial potential in our cnatural cosmetics, rituals and routines for the care physical and spiritual of the person.

    Our preparations are simple and fresh for best enhance the properties of natural ingredients respecting the ethics of botanical perfumery.

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Tradition and passion

"Painting the boundless green of our fields with the colors of the flowers that were once at home here."

Timeless simplicity

Our mission is to rethink environments and lands to bring them back to ancient times, ways and uses; honor tradition and contact with nature.

Take a branched labyrinth and linger there with pleasure; a place to cultivate, grow and transform medicinal plants to spread well-being in all the people who want to share and embrace this inclination.

Manual skills

craftsmanship is a quality that distinguishes us and accompanies us in every moment of the day, from the field to the packaging.
We design and we draw the labels of our products by hand to convey our passion for nature and authenticity with genuine enthusiasm.



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    Where are we?

    The Labyrinth - Via Castello 12, Loc. Cadè 42124 Reggio Emilia


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Whether it's meditation, aromatherapy, massage or holistic disciplines we offer you a safe product of which you can know the complete story starting from the plant and up to the packaging.

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