Mission text

Timeless simplicity

Our mission is to rethink environments and lands to bring them back to ancient times, ways and uses; honoring tradition and contact with nature. Take a branched labyrinth and linger there with pleasure; a place in which to cultivate, grow and transform medicinal plants to spread well-being in all the people who want to share and embrace this inclination.

More than BIO...natural!

Since the year of foundation we have adopted a completely natural cultivation method that goes beyond the simple concept of organic.
Although in order to disseminate this choice we are completing the achievement of organic certification, in respect of Nature we do not intervene with any product on the growth and development of plants to let them express themselves spontaneously.

Authentic craftsmanship

Craftsmanship is a quality that distinguishes us and accompanies us in every moment of the day, from the field to the packaging.
We design and draw by hand the labels of our products to communicate with genuine enthusiasm our passion for nature and authenticity.

Each product is unique; the characteristics emerging from the products depend on the meteorological cycle that affected the plants in the year of production.